FY Roleplay Diversity is a once a month project, where every month we as the roleplay community of Tumblr set aside a day to celebrate, discuss, and highlight diversity within our space. It will give us all a chance to promote both new and old roleplays with diversity, engage in important discussions about what makes a roleplay inclusive, and will all around help us maintain our community better by celebrating the best of our hobby. 

What happens and when, Trolly?

Glad you asked! Every 18th of the month, you can expect on your dash

  • Discussion on inclusion; what makes a roleplay inclusive, what makes a roleplay a safe space, how can admins incorporate inclusion in their game, why promoting diversity is important, etc.
  • Discussion about your favorite games; awesome diverse roleplays featured on numerous roleplay help/critic blogs, highlighting new and up-and-coming roleplays that are diverse, general fan-person’ing out about awesome games that are helping to make this community safer for all of us!
  • Sharing favorite diverse face claims, both over and under used, that more roleplays can use!
  • Awesome fancasts, dreamcasts, or just a general appreciation posts for our favorite characters in roleplays; whether originally made for roleplaying or canon to a franchise, a lot of us have a favorite character that’s diverse as heck and deserves some love! From characters of color that save the world, to characters who are overweight and epic as frick — if there’s a character you loved playing or just seeing in the roleplay community let it be known!

This project is to help give this community incentive to better ensure making their favorite hobby a safe environment for everyone

So how can I get involved?

Easy! During the 18th of every month we’ll be doing things like  

  • Holding a Google Hangout and/or Chatzy session so we can all talk/chat about these things in a monitored space. These will typically be in the afternoon, or whenever a large portion of us have time to make it happen!
  • Posting about the above topics and tagging them with #fyrpd or #fuck yeah roleplay diversity so we can all engage, discuss, make posts to reblog, etc.

If you’re interested in making a post but aren’t sure what it should be about, or have reservations about the post you’d like to contribute, shoot us a message over at The Trolliest Critic and we’ll help you flesh it out! 

Hope to see you all there!

Character Bans and Why You Just Shouldn’t

Let’s say I went to a supermarket and really wanted to buy some kiwifruits. Compared to more popular fruits like apples and oranges, kiwifruits are kind of “niche.” That doesn’t make them any less worthy of being sold in a supermarket, though, does it? Some people just prefer kiwifruits to apples and oranges. And there’s nothing wrong with that. People are allowed to like what they like. 

So, after hyping myself up for some kiwifruits all morning, imagine my disappointment upon learning that the supermarket decided to stop selling them. Since I can’t help being a creature of curiosity, I approach the supermarket’s manager to ask them what prompted the decision. 

The manager tells me any of the following:

  • "I don’t really like kiwifruits too much, so I don’t want them here. Nothing personal. Why don’t you open your own store for just kiwifruits?”
  • "If we sell kiwifruits, there won’t be enough room for more apples and oranges. People prefer apples and oranges to kiwifruits, so I’m only being realistic here."
  • "The best smoothies are made with apples and oranges, not apples and kiwifruits, or oranges and kiwifruits. Just a personal opinion."
  • "People aren’t familiar with kiwifruits like they are with apples and oranges. We shouldn’t force people to buy kiwifruits if they don’t want them.”
  • "We already had too many kiwifruits in our store, and it made people uncomfortable. They don’t like fruit with fuzz on them."

Deciding it isn’t worth it to press them further, I leave the supermarket and go home. The next day, I go to a different supermarket, but I’m told the same exact things by the manager. I’m disappointed yet again, but I continue looking for supermarkets that sell kiwifruits. 

After a week, I only find one or two supermarkets (at the most) that sell kiwifruits in decent supply. It’s not as many as I would like, but I’ve learned to settle for less at this point.

And that’s why you shouldn’t put bans on specific types of characters (in terms of sexuality, race, gender, et. al.) in your roleplay.

Anonymous: Okay, I think some people need to do more research before assuming things. Yes, youreyesdontlie-rp has a ban on non straight males and straight females but there is a reason for that. There are at least 8 gay men who are in a relationship with each other, at least 20 straight females and like 5 straight men. Do you see the problem? We need more diversity. The admin just wants the members to feel comfortable and this is the best way. Trust me its a very welcoming group. Dont judge


I’ve just learned in all my years of roleplay that you don’t ban someone from wanting to play a certain sexuality. That’s it.

Twenty straight females and five straight males to eight gay males. Wow the homosexuals are truly inheriting the Earth, huh? Look at dem numbers. Look at dem.


what is with the trend of RPers shaming people’s triggers like pls go back to your monochrome RPs filled with slurs and stop applying for my shit


∅ D.J. Cotrona Gif Hunt

Under the cut you will find 193 gifs of the gorgeous D.J. Cotrona in his role as Seth Gecko in From Dusk Till Dawn The Series. None of these gifs belong to me and all credit goes to their original makers. Like/reblog if found useful. Blood and violence trigger warning.


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Consider this: If you see a lot of queer characters in a roleplay and your first thoughts are ‘that’s unrealistic’, ask yourself why you even care enough to police the amount of queer people in a given space. If your next thought is ‘because I haven’t known many queer people in my own life so that’s weird’, then maybe you should examine why queer folks don’t feel comfortable being out around you. I wonder if it has to do with you, and others, assuming their existence needs a reason to even be.

Research shows that over the same period of time that media portrayals of LGBT people has increased, there has been a steady decline in the frequency of homophobic remarks, harassment, and assault that LGBT young people have experienced in school. Furthermore, “desensitizing” family members increases the long-term health projections for LGBT youth, because studies show that the more a family rejects an LGBT child, the higher that child’s risk for suicide attempt and drug use. 

— (x) Why Having ‘Too Many’ Gay Characters On TV Saves Lives

Just a thought. 


It’s 2014 and we still haven’t tried to ban white and cishet characters from roleplays to help balance diversity. But we sure as fuck still ban women whenever we like~


↳ #300+ gifs of Nathan Stewart-Jarret can be found under the cut. None of the following gifs belong to me, so full credit to those who made them. I apologise for any repeats. Please like and/or reblog if this helped you in any way.


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